The Caya Diaphragm

The Caya Diaphragm

Caya: Hormone Free Birth Control Gets A Makeover

Caya is the modern take on traditional diaphragms: the old fashion yet effective birth control method featuring a circular silicon dome inserted into the vaginal canal before intercourse to block sperm from entering the cervix.

There was a time when diaphragms were the most popular birth control available (think safe, effective, discreet birth control that is comfortable for both partners and easy enough to use). But the advent of hormonal birth control and IUDs, coupled with the rise of the powerful pharmaceutical industry, pushed diaphragms into oblivion.

For some, the diaphragm retained its appeal. A growing number of women adamantly refuse to subject themselves to the myriad of side effects and health risks of hormonal birth control. Another under-represented portion of women has no choice but to avoid hormones for medical reasons.

The Caya diaphragm (called SLICs diaphragm during testing stages) created a new-age diaphragm revolution. Caya re-envisioned a perfect diaphragm, eliminating common complaints of difficulty removing the device and the need for extremely precise sizing. The new Caya diaphragm is easier to use, more comfortable, and anatomically designed to fit a wide range of women.

The Caya Contraceptive Diaphragm Development Story


Single Size Revolution

There are seven typical diaphragm sizes, and when using a traditional diaphragm, a precise fitting is essential to effective use. Using the wrong size diaphragm results in drastically less effective contraception. The fact that diaphragm size changes when you gain or lose weight, give birth, or go through other vaginal procedures further complicates the process of ensuring you are using the correct size device.

The Caya diaphragm replaces this difficult sizing system with one single size device. Caya is not a one size fits all diaphragm. Rather, once confirming you fall within the size range of 65mm to 80mm, you can use Caya without worrying about frequent refitting.

About 80% of women fit into the range of sizes that are compatible with Caya. Women who do not fit in this range must use either a traditional diaphragm or a cervical cap.

For women who are cannot find a health practitioner to fit them for a diaphragm or a Caya diaphragm, FemCap cervical cap is the only option that does not need to be sized at all.


Upgraded Design

The Caya diaphragm was completely redesigned to make an easier to use, more comfortable, and more anatomically accurate diaphragm.

- Flexible Rim: Breakthroughs in design and technology resulted in a contoured outer rim that conforms more accurately to the vaginal canal. The rim is light and easy to fold for insertion, yet flexible and strong enough to provide a secure fit.

- Grip Dimples: Raised dots the sides of the Caya rim guide you towards holding the diaphragm in your hand so that with just the slightest bit of pressure it shapes itself into a narrow, tampon-like cylinder shape. The two grooves that are created within the silicone when the Caya is folded hold the contraceptive gel. This allows for both the Caya and the gel to easily slip into the vagina.

- Purple Silicone Cup: The silicone cup is highly durable while still being unbelievably thin and almost silky, It is comfortable and almost always completely undiscernable during intercourse. And of course, the purple color is way more appealing than the classic medical white.

- Removal Dome: Caya incorporates a small dome at the front of the device that serves as a hook for easier to removal. This is a huge upgrade on traditional diaphragms, where users often struggled get a secure grip and comfortably remove the diaphragm.

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Increased Accessibility

The reality is that many doctors are not knowledgeable about the importance of offering non-hormonal contraception, and do not encourage diaphragm use.

And because traditional diaphragms were difficult to insert, many women were not confident in their ability to use a diaphragm successfully. But in controlled studies, Caya has a very high rate of unaided correct insertion.

Caya's ease of use is a huge victory for natural birth control and barrier contraception because correct use greatly impacts the contraceptive efficiency of diaphragms. The Availablity of Caya should increase the number of women who are confident in replacing their hormonal birth control with this all-natural, highly effective, and side effect free birth control alternative.

  1. Caya® Contoured Diaphragm
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    Shelf life September 2027 or later.

    Single-size design fits wide range of women.

    Safe, reliable, and hormone-free contraception.

    Suitable for 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms users.

    Latex-free and reusable for up to two years after first use.

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