Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Caya is a reusable barrier contraceptive which facilitates hormone-free contraception. Suitable for about 80% of women a fitting is required to confirm suitability. Caya is an interesting option for women who are:

  • Breast feeding
  • Under risk of thrombosis
  • Allergic to latex
  • Prefer natural planning
  • Prefer no side effects
  • Six-weeks post-pregnancy
  • Undergoing Cancer Treatment
  • Want a back-up contraception
  • Doesn’t need to regulate periods
  • Want a birth control they control


If you are a healthcare worker in the UK and are thinking of prescribing the Caya diaphragm, get in touch with us.

We periodically have product samples and hard copies of materials to share, which will help you train your team and educate your patients. Send an email to "info @" for more details.

Guidelines For Healthcare Professionals


SILCS (Caya) Diaphragm Summary Of Clinical Evaluations


Caya - Short-Term Acceptability Of A Single-Size Diaphragm Among Couples In South Africa & Thailand


Steps for Coaching and Inserting Caya

  1. Caya® Contoured Diaphragm
    From £49.85

    Shelf life September 2027 or later.

    Single-size design fits wide range of women.

    Safe, reliable, and hormone-free contraception.

    Suitable for 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms users.

    Latex-free and reusable for up to two years after first use.

  2. Caya Contraceptive Gel
    From £16.85

    Expiry date: January 2025 or later.

    For use with cervical caps, diaphragms, FemCap and Caya.

    Minimizes risk of irritation and infections.

    Vegan, dairy free, gluten free, not tested on animals.

    Class IIa Medical Device, CE Approved, Made in Europe.

  3. Contragel Contraceptive Gel
    From £16.85

    Expiry date: September 2024 or later.

    Spermicide Alternative. No Nonoxynol-9. Reduce irritation risk.

    Use with Diaphragms, Caya or FemCap cervical cap.

    Vegan. Gluten-free. Not tested on animals.

    Large 60g Tube.

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