Diaphragm Inserter / Remover

Diaphragm Inserter / Remover

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Helps insert and remove diaphragms.

Optimised for Singa and Caya.

Works even if you can't reach it well with your own fingers.

Based on years of research and testing.

Made from ABS plastic.

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Diaphragm Inserter / Remover

This awesome device makes it easier to insert and remove the Caya® or Singa® diaphragm.

Whilst diaphragms are a well established and reliable form of hormone free contraception, some women who are new to them sometimes need a bit of help inserting and removing them properly whilst they are still on their learning curve. Diaphragms in different sizes can be easily hooked up and inserted. With the curved side, removing the diaphragm is possible even if they can't reach it well with their own fingers. The inserter has no sharp edges and its shape is based on established, long-term experience with this practical tool.

The device should be cleaned with soap and water after each use and dried thoroughly. It does not need to be disinfected or boiled.

Insertion And Removal Instructions

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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