We launched our first range of products focusing on the natural contraception market. A lot of that involves barrier contraceptives such as diaphragms, cervical caps, vegan condoms and vegan spermicide alternatives, using these products usually involves a bit of a clean up afterwards. Keeping the vagina clean and healthy is a no brainer but it’s a challenging place to keep clean and fresh.

Keeping it natural

Chemicals that go into the vagina can be absorbed through the vaginal walls so whether it’s a spermicide or a detergent to wash it out with later, your best bet is something natural.

Additionally the vagina is a big, warm, wet petri dish, ready to help bacteria multiply and yeast infections to flourish. It sounds daunting but luckily the design of your average vagina is very good and by maintaining it’s natural, balanced flora and pH it can take care of pretty much anything that you can throw at it (or should that be up it?).

On any skin surface a pH balanced soap is good for hygiene as so long as it doesn’t leave residue after rinsing. This is what YES Cleanse is designed to be, a natural, pH balance intimate cleansing foam with a detergent like action but easy to wash away.

We are proud to be working with YES as their products and ethics fit in so well with ours and YES Cleanse is so useful for our barrier contraceptive users, although a still good option for daily cleansing.

YES products are  hypoallergenic

YES products are hypoallergenic as they have used the most pure ingredients possible in our products.

Hypoallergenic means that something is formulated to minimise risk from allergies.

Products labeled hypoallergenic are purportedly less likely to cause an allergic reaction in the person using them. This is because they are believed to contain fewer allergens, the substances and particles that irritate allergy-sufferers and cause them to have a reaction.

IntimateCare sponges

Another natural product we love are our Natural Intimacy branded IntimateCare sponges. They’re sea sponges, ethically harvested from the Mediterranean and other than a good clean and a trim they are as natural as they can be.

Often inserted and used as reusable, biodegradable tampons, they are perfect for intimate hygiene. We have had users inserting them within, loaded with hydrating aloe vera or oils to help fight infections (make sure you know what you’re doing if that’s on your to-do list) but their most frequent use is for labial cleansing and the general genital area.

The sponges themselves don’t bring anything to the party. No soaps, no gels, no liquids, until you add what you feel comfortable with. A quick wipe with warm water can make you feel fresh but adding a splash of natural soap or a scented solution could make you feel fresher. You only need to add what you choose.

The obvious alternative would be intimate wipes but as well as blocking waste pipes, or filling landfills they come pre-loaded with a chemical mix that you have no control over. There’s no argument that in a public bathroom they can save he day, but as an ethical alternative a biodegradable sponge with a detergent of your choosing is a much better alternative.

Pores for thought

Last but certainly not least we need to cheer about the sponges pores. This intricate system of tubes that make up the sponges structure allow everything to be quickly and easily rinsed out. That means everything. A sponge can be used to soak up menstrual blood or remove makeup, the next time you do that see how easily it’s all washed out with just a quick rinse under a warm tap. Once clean, the pores then allow air to flow through and moisture to escape meaning it dries out quickly to inhibit bacterial growth (and the odour that would bring), staying fresh, dry and clean for months of use.