Every woman is unique, but there are some basic physiological facts about the woman's menstrual cycle that you should know:

- As a rule, every woman has only one ovulation per cycle.

- If two or more instances of ovulation occur, they take place within 24 hours.

- After ovulation, the ovum can be fertilized within 18 hours at the most.

- Sperm is able to move and fertilize in a woman's body for a maximum of 5 days.

All of this means that with those variable parameters, the menstrual cycle can be monitored, ovulation can be detected and from there the ‘fertility window’ can be detected.

It’s actually easier said than done and doing it accurately and with precision is even harder still. Well, kind of. It’s no so hard if you have some help and can apply some technical magic. That’s where the Daysy fertility monitor enters the conversation.

Daysy uses a proven algorithm and the morning measurement of your basal body temperature to calculate the daily menstrual cycle status in real time. Just measure your temperature under your tongue in the morning and enter your menstruation if you have it. Daysy will then display if you are in your fertile phase or not using red or green indicator lights.

The technology-based temperature method used by Daysy is one of the most reliable methods in the world for fertility tracking.

In addition, Daysy records your menstrual cycle and ovulation history and the DaysyDay app for your mobile displays your past and present cycle data. It is hardly easier to become aware of your cycle.

Daysy is a medical device and lifestyle fertility tracker. It allows each and every unique woman who wants a health-conscious lifestyle to monitor her individual monthly cycle and determine her fertile and infertile days in natural harmony with her body.