Contraception and fertility is all about getting pregnant, or not, our bodies decide if it's possible to get pregnant at any given time, we decide how to act on that.

Our bodies are natural organisms with their own rythym and flow so we should always listen to what our bodies have to say about the matter.

Ovulation, the key to everything

If we carefully pay attention we can detect when ovulation takes place, that's the moment of maximum fertility and when pregnancy is most likely to occur. Add a few days before that to account for sperm surviving a few days after intercourse, add a day after to allow for the ovulated egg to die off and hey presto, you have a 6-8 day fertility window mapped out.

Sex outside of that window can't lead to pregnancy. Sex during that window might.

If it's not the right time in your life to get pregnant and you want to have intercourse during your fertility window then you should be looking at barrier contraception to physically prevent the sperm getting to the egg.


That's the tricky bit, or at least it used to be.

How to identify ovulation

Using the Fertility Tracker Method (FTM) you can use a Fertility Monitor like the Lady-Comp or the Daysy to collect all of the subtle clues that your body sends out that give up the secret of when it's going to ovulate. By knowing the ovulation date these monitors can present you with your fertility window for that cycle and you can take charge of your fertility.

Roman Catholics are encouraged to abstain from sex during their fertility window rather than use contraceptives. That's called Natural Family Planning (NFP).

Couples who opt for barrier contraception during their fertility window often refer to their approach as the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

Both methods can use the Fertility Tracking Method (an advanced form of fertility charting) to identify the fertility window with the same precision, empowering the users to make the best fertility decisions.

Identify Your Fertility Window For Hormone Free Contraception

Identify ovulation... or just supress it?

The alternative to understanding your fertility is simply supressing it with hormonal contraceptives. Bombing your finely tuned reproductive system with synthetic hormones is a pretty sure-fire way of stopping it from working, not 100% reliable but never the less, simple.

Well, simple until you factor in possible side effects and try to work out if things will work perfectly again once you stop taking the hormones, but that's another post for another day.

Choice and availability is empowerment

The beautiful thing is that here in the UK we have plenty of choices. If hormonal contraception is what you opt for there are dozens of them available from your GP or your local Family Planning Association (FPA).

If the Fertility Tracker Method is for you we have the Daysy and the Lady-Comp available.

And once you've identified your fertility window, you and your partner can opt for abstinence, a FemCap, a Caya diaphragm, a Milex diaphragm or Vegan condoms from our online store.

As always, open dialogue with your partner about contraception and fertility is healthy for your relationship and always check with your Doctor, Midwife or Gyno' if you're thinking of changing your contraceptive method.

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