Contraceptive diaphragms have been around in their modern form for over 50 years. With growing demand for non-hormonal contraceptives a challenge was set to go back to the drawing board and bring the diaphragm into the 21st century.

From the initial idea being seeded all the way back in 1994 what followed was some 15 years of research and development, protoyping and testing and of course, lots of hard work.

The story is told in the online publication below and gives a truely wonderful insight to how this type of product goes from the drawing board to the pharmacy shelves.


The Caya diaphragm has now been successfully launched around the world, with real world data showing that all of the hard work and effort that went into this design has paid off. With a high efficiency demonstrated and a high approval rating by users, the Caya has gone from the drawing board to fulfil it’s role in the bedroom.

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