If you’re looking to buy spermicide you need to read on. Caya Gel is the natural alternative to spermicide and is now available in the UK from us here at The Valley Initiative and our new website, Caya.co.uk

First produced back in the 1970’s, Caya Gel has been around for many years, in many guises and recently had a new packaging makeover. First it was known as Contracep, then ContraGel and recently rebranded to Caya Gel to offer alongside the similarly named Caya diaphragm.

However it’s natural composition remains the same as does it’s special place in the bathroom cabinet of so many barrier contraceptive users.

As a natural alternative to spermicide, Caya Gel offers diaphragm and cervical cap users a gentler option than using traditional spermicides. These traditional spermicides contain Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) which is their sperm killing active ingredient.

Don’t get me wrong, N-9 is effective. In fact it’s very very effective. It breaks down the cell walls of the sperm so they die off. But unfortunately the same process breaks down the cell walls of the vaginal skin which can cause fissuring which in turn creates an itchy sensation.

Not everyone will suffer the inconvenient itchyness, but for those who do it’s somewhat distracting when they should be in the mood for love!

So you could say that Caya Gel is helping their love lives! Whether you’re thinking of making the switch from N-9 spermicide to a natural alternative or if you’re a long time convert, our new website is here with new, fresh customer support and smooth, reliable shipping processes to get your Caya Gel order discretely to your door with minimum fuss.

Make sure you bookmark Caya.co.uk and stick with us, The Valley Initiative, an ethical, UK based company.

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